What are Proficiency Programs, and how do they work?

Premium members have access to our newest product, Proficiency Programs

MRI Online Premium members have access to our Proficiency Programs. These programs are a sequence of pre-assessment, learning, and post assessment-activities that provides comprehensive skills development in a specific subspecialty area and measures improvements to clinician speed and accuracy based on real world patient cases.

To kickstart your journey, begin with our Case Challenge cases that have been meticulously handpicked by our esteemed faculty to assess your diagnostic accuracy and review speed. Following each case, you will be presented with a quiz question to determine the most likely diagnosis. After that, you will receive a detailed report on your case review time, the correct diagnosis, and a comprehensive case report written by our faculty.

Based on these results, you will then gain exclusive access to a series of Mastery Training Courses. These courses are designed with microlearning videos and DICOM cases that you can review at your own pace. Once you have successfully completed the Mastery Training Courses, you will have the opportunity to take the post-assessment test and receive a personalized report highlighting your remarkable improvement.

Looking to further refine your skills? Take full advantage of our Practice Cases, where you can tackle the same challenging scenarios as the assessments and continue enhancing your reading and interpretation abilities. Stay sharp and keep practicing!