Video Player Features

Our updated video player experience allows you to watch in continuous full screen mode and use your keyboard to control playback.

Introducing our latest video player, now available and packed with enhanced features! With this updated player, you can seamlessly auto-advance in fullscreen* mode and enjoy convenient keyboard controls.

The new video player keyboard controls are as follows:
  • Spacebar - play/pause
  • Left arrow - rewind 5 seconds
  • Right arrow - skip forward 5 seconds
  • Up arrow - increase volume 10%
  • Down arrow - decrease volume 10%
  • M - mute
  • C - toggle closed captions
  • F - toggle full screen (escape also functions as fullscreen exit)
When hovering over the buttons in the player control bar, the tooltip includes hints for these control shortcuts as well!

*Apple iOS on iPhone does not support continuous full screen mode in video players.